Recherche / Research

Some selected topics   (page still and again in progress … )

  • Plasticity and failure in soils and granular materials


  • Internal erosion of soils

Numerical experiments with fluid-solid coupled models: the discrete element method -DEM- is used for the solid phase, and the fluid phase is described with either the lattice Boltzmann method -LBM- or with pore scale finite volumes -PFV-. See for instance:
Sibille et al. (2015), Hydrol. Process., 29:2149-2163.
Tejada et al. (2016), EPL, 115(5):54005

Characterization from laboratory experiments (physical models) with the erodimeters developed in the IEG research group at St-Nazaire or via X-ray micro-tomography thanks to the cell of suffusion developed by Nadia Benahmed from the G2DR research group of INRAE. See  for instance:
Sibille et al. (2015), Acta Geotechnica, 10:735-748
Nguyen et al. (2019), Acta Geotechnica, 14:749-765

  • Measurement of discrete kinematic fields in granular materials

Two-dimensional analogue granular materials are often used to investigate some micro-structural features in soils or granular matters. Although they are probably now outdated, we developed image processing methods to identify individually all the particles of such analogue materials, track their translation and rotation during the mechanical loading, and deduce the inter-particle contact properties, the strain fields, … These methods are detailed in:
Sibille et al (2009), EPL, 86:44003
Sibille & Froiio (2007), Granular matter, 9:183-193

  • Soil characterization from field tests



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